Psychoeducational Testing

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We offer Psychoeducational Testing!

We are proud to offer Psychoeducational Assessments and guidance for your child’s academic growth and success!  Whether a child is performing above standards, or struggles to live up to his/her potential in school, families often want to get to the root of the matter.  We are here to help. 

A child’s cognitive/intellectual abilities, academic achievement levels, information processing abilities, along with general emotional and behavioral concerns are assessed.  An evaluation can determine if your child has a learning disability or other issues that negatively impact his/her ability to learn. 

Things to consider:
Academically accelerated?  Skills above standards?  Developmentally delayed?  Academically frustrated?  Lack of motivation?  Disorganized?  Behavior problems?  Inattention concerns?  Emotionally/socially immature?  Difficulty with peer relationships?  “At risk” for school failure?

Please call the office to inquire about the following testing/pricing:

Gifted Evaluation
Learning Concerns + ADD/ADHD Concerns (combined pricing)
Academic Assessments

COMING SOON!  Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders