Ms. Megan

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Ms. Megan - Speech-Language Pathologist

Megan Breedlove, M.A., CCC/SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 14 years of experience with children and adults.  A graduate of the University of Florida (BA, 2000) and the University of Central Florida (MA, 2002), Megan is licensed by the State of Florida and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech–Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Megan began her career in the medical environment, providing acute inpatient and subacute/rehab services (including videofluoroscopic swallow studies) to the adult and geriatric population in the Orlando Regional Healthcare System, as well as pediatric outpatient therapy services for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women. After deciding that working with children is her true passion, Megan switched to the educational setting in 2003, providing speech and language evaluation and therapy services to students (Pre-K through 12th grade) in various school districts throughout Florida and New Jersey. She remained in the school setting for 11 years, with particular focus on children experiencing preschool language disorders and children on the Autism Spectrum. Megan has extensive experience providing evaluation and therapy services to children and adolescents living with a wide range of speech and language disorders, including but not limited to: developmental delays, apraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury, articulation/phonological disorders, fluency disorders, ADHD, emotional/behavioral disabilities, and specific learning disabilities. Megan has been with the Communication Corner and More! family since June 2014, and truly enjoys working closely with children and their families to make a difference in their lives.

In her spare time, Megan enjoys reading, running, and spending time with her husband and her two daughters, aged 5 and 8, as they explore the beautiful Tampa Bay area.